Epson Ultrachrome HDR, K3, GS, DuraBrite & Claria Ink alternatives

Here you will find Bulk Refill ink for Epson displayed by Epson ink types such as Ultrachrome HDR, Epson Ultrachrome K3, Epson Ultrachrome GS, Epson DuraBrite & Epson Claria. Under the Epson ink type links you will find a list of the Epson printers that use these ink types. PerfomX bulk ink for Epson Ultrachrome HDR, Ultrachrome K3, Ultrachrome GS, DuraBrite & Epson Claria are formulated to be the finest quality ink that meets or exceeds Epson brand inkjet inks in every aspect except cost. Color is faithfully matched to the Ultrachrome hue & shade for all of their different ink types and all the generations such as Ultrachrome HDR, K3, G3, DuraBrite & Claria. PerformX brand bulk inks are fully compatible with all Epson brand inks so there is no need to flush the printer’s ink lines. PerformX inkjet inks hit the bulls-eye for benchmarks such as gamut, light-fastness, gloss level, rub resistance and media compatibility. Sub micron filtration, superior pigment encapsulation, suspension & a proprietary fluid formulation deliver premium, unsurpassed performance. Bottled to meet your needs in 125 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL & 1 Liter formats.

EPSON Ultrachrome HDR 
Bulk Ink Alternative for EPSON 7700/9700 EPSON 7890/9890 EPSON 7900/9900
is PerformX’s
 DuraKrome HDR

Epson UltraChrome HDR Bulk Ink replacement DuraKrome

Epson Bulk Ink replacement K3

EPSON Ultrachrome K3 
Bulk Ink Alternative for EPSON 2200, 4000, 3880, 4800, 7800/9800, 7880/9880, R2400, R2880, R3000, R3800
DuraKrome K3

EPSON Ultrachrome G3 Bulk Ink Alternative for EPSON
GS 6000 Printers
is PerformX’s KromaSol G3

Epson Bulk Ink GS KromaSol

Extended Gamut ink for Epson printers

Extended Gamut 
Bulk Ink Alternative for EPSON printers Watch your prints go nova with the addition of Red, Green, Blue, Violet & Orange.
PerformX’s Pigment ink GAMMABURST  & RADIANCE
a Dye ink.

Bulk Ink Alternative
for EPSON Workforce & NX Printers

is PerformX’s DuraWorks

Epson DURABrite Bulk Ink replacement DuraWorks

Epson Claria Bulk Ink replacement Artistica

Bulk Ink Alternative

for EPSON Artisan Printers
is PerformX’s Artistica