HP Dye Ink alternative ThermaShine

Bulk inkjet ink substitute, alternative or replacement for HP  aqueous Dye based inkjet ink. PerformX bulk inkjet inks are formulated to be the finest quality ink to meet or exceed OEM brand inkjet inks in every aspect except cost. Color is faithfully matched to HP’s Dye based  ink’s hue & shade. Fully compatible with HP  brand dye inks, there is no need to flush the printer’s ink lines. PerformX inks hit the bulls-eye for benchmarks such as gamut, light-fastness, gloss level, rub resistance and media compatibility. Sub micron filtration, superior pigment encapsulation, suspension & a proprietary fluid formulation deliver premium, unsurpassed performance. Bottled to meet your needs in 125 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL & 1 Liter formats.

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