Mutoh Compatible Cartridges




The Mutoh Compatible Ink Cartridge alternative is PerformX’s KromaSol compatible cartridge. Color matched to use existing profiles and settings. Fully compatible with Mutoh ValueJet ,Toucan, Spitfire, Falcon, no need to flush the printer’s ink lines. When OEM cartridge is empty, simply replace with PerformX & SAVE.

KromaSol for Mutoh Eco-Ultra inks are formulated to hit the performance bulls-eye for benchmarks such as gamut, light-fastness, gloss level, rub resistance and media compatibility. PerformX cartridges are comparable to the original in every aspect except cost. The PerformX inkjet cartridge for the Mutoh ValueJet, Toucan, Spitfire, Falcon printers isolates the ink in a bag or bladder. This creates an environment free of external air. PerformX inkjet products, delivering reliable, cost saving performance